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Creating Champions in Life

My son has ADHD as well as learning disabilities. I cannot stress enough how much Kentucky Tae Kwon Do has helped him in all areas of his life.

The disciple has been wonderful for him. He started at 6, after a very rough year with behavior issues in kindergarten. We immediately saw an improvement in his behavior and respect for teachers. Once I got a phone call from his school that he was being disrespectful to a teacher. I left work and drove to the school.  I pulled him out of class and I asked him, “Would you talk to Master Ramey like that?” From that point forward we never had a problem with him being disrespectful. The lessons that he has learned about courtesy, integrity, perseverance, self-control, indomitable spirit, and victory have helped him to be a better person.

Tae Kwon Do has also been great for his self-esteem. School is a struggle for him as he learns to cope with severe dyslexia and dysgraphia. He often feels like he is not as smart as other students and he sometimes comes home feeling sorry for himself. However, he is so proud of his accomplishments at Kentucky Tae Kwon Do. I made a video of footage from his tae kwon do and set it to the song Everybody is Kung Fu Fighting. We uploaded it to YouTube and he showed it to his whole class. All his friends were so impressed, they watched it several times.  He was so proud!! In his yearbook his friends wrote things like “You are awesome at tae kwon do!”

Thank you to Kentucky Tae Kwon Do and to all the volunteers and instructors for your patience and positive reinforcement. I recommend martial arts for any child struggling with ADHD or low self-esteem.

Terri Burgan