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Creating Champions in Life

At one time, I was merely an energetic kid who was highly influenced by the larger than life personas of martial art super heroes on the big screen. Maybe it was because I was bullied to different capacities throughout my adolescence. I wanted to kick like Jean Claude Van Damme. I wanted to know how to beat twenty guys by myself, like Bruce Lee. This urge pushed me to seek professional guidance. Little did I know, I was embarking on a journey that would change the way I view the world.

I began training under Master Sean Ramey at Kentucky Taekwondo and Fitness Academy in 1998. Since this point, there was no turning back. Master Ramey is a TRUE martial artist. His passion for the arts is unrelenting. One of the reasons that I have such a high regard for my master instructor, is because he was never a man who hid behind his “talk.” Master Ramey “walked” every “talk” he’s ever given.

Master Ramey doesn’t teach how to excel in a sport. He teaches how to excel in life. Being the amazing instructor that he is, his voice touches the lives of all ages from various walks of life. I’m a perfect example. With his teachings, I sprouted from being a mild mannered, semi-shy teenager into an outgoing leader of men. Master Ramey’s guidance along my martial art journey was key to my discovery of self-confidence. I now walk every step with a sincere belief of self. Along with that gift of confidence, I’m equipped with the mental awareness and foresight to evade danger. If a situation escalates to where action is necessary, without a doubt, I’ll be able to react with the survival skills appropriate towards self- preservation. With this knowledge, comes peace of mind in everyday life.

Master Ramey’s vision isn’t to create limited, powerful martial artist who have nothing to offer the world. Instead, his ambition is to “create champions in life.” “Champions in life” that are equipped with the characteristics to leave an impact on the world, and use that impact to further influence others, the way we were influenced by Master Ramey. I speak these words not from here say, but from personal experience, because I can rightfully say that I’m one of those “Champions in Life” that his influence has touched. Everyone can benefit from what Master Ramey has to offer.
Aaron Dickerson. 4th degree black belt, 4 time Junior Olympic Champion, Collegiate Champion, US Open Champion, and US National Champion.